Update On Charlton Old Schoolroom Development Project

Last year the trustees of the Joseph Baker Workman Charity in conjunction with Charlton Parish Council, were successful in obtaining a Legacy grant from Wychavon Council to further upgrade and improve the facilities of the Old Schoolroom in Charlton. During this process we consulted with village residents, the management of the Pre-School, which is the principal user of the building and other users and hirers.

The development will consist of the addition of a larger, modern kitchen in a new extension constructed at the front of the building, together with internal improvements including new toilets with disabled facilities and increased storage.  

Over the last year we have worked with an architect to develop plans, have obtained Planning Permission and Building Regulations approval and appointed a builder. Although the pandemic has caused some delays, the dream is now becoming reality and we are pleased to announce that building work will shortly be commencing and will consist of two phases. The first of these will begin on 11th April for a period of three weeks and will involve external work to form the kitchen extension and is planned to conclude on 29th April. The second phase will commence on 18th July to complete the project by 9th September.

As the first phase consists of external work only, which the builders will fence off, current users of the main hall at weekends and during the evening will be able to continue to do so but must ensure they keep clear of the external building site itself and avoid any equipment. Between the two building phases the schoolroom will be open as normal. During the second phase, the schoolroom will be completely closed until 11th September.

Please bear in mind that building sites are dangerous places, no one should enter the site and children and young people should be kept away.