Schoolroom Renovation

In 2018 we completed the first stage of the refurbishment of the Old Schoolroom in Charlton. Over a two-year timescale we raised over £25,000 through grants from various organisations, donations from people in the village and fund-raising events. This was a magnificent achievement and enabled us to carry out the following work:

  • Refurbishment of the roof including the removal of the dormers and repair of rotten woodwork
  • Installation of insulation in the main hall
  • Removal of redundant heaters in the ceiling
  • Replacement of the old inefficient heaters with 4 wall mounted controllable heaters
  • Installation of 2 roof fans to aid heat distribution
  • Installation of 2 large closable notice boards for use by the Pre-School and Scouts
  • Painting the main hall including woodwork and entrance hall
  • Replacement of the old fluorescent lights with more efficient dimmable LED light panels
  • Installation of fire escape notices

Of course, with a building so old there is always further work required. During the first phase of refurbishment we found that the large rear window had significant wood rot. We carried out a temporary repair but this will require replacement in the next 2-3 years. The next stage of refurbishment will cover the following

  • Replacing the broken metal hut in the garden with a new larger hut for storage of tables and chairs
  • Purchase of a metal storage cabinet for cleaning materials
  • Replacing the rear window
  • Refurbishing the toilets
  • Refurbishing the kitchen
  • Tarmacing the driveway and play areas
  • Produce 5 year plan for hall improvements
  • Review hire costs
  • Obtain costings for extension (assuming planning permission obtained)
  • Apply for grant from Awards for All for Extension
  • Build extension
  • Paint lower part of main hall with washable paint

We continue to fund raise and look for grants to help achieve the five year plan. The current funding is quite healthy but we have a number of improvements we need to make hence the review of hire costs.

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