Partners and Communities Together (PACT)

Partners and Communities together (PACT) meetings are regular meetings organised jointly between the Safer Neighbourhood Policing Teams, local Councillors and partners.

Meetings are held on a quarterly basis and consist of a formal PACT panel, comprising key stakeholders from within the community, such as local and district councillors, voluntary and statutory bodies including the police. At meetings, locally agreed priorities are taken on by the Panel to tackle during the coming months, with all actions and results reported back at the next meeting, where future priorities are set.

Representatives from Charlton Parish Council take an active part in the local PACT panel which covers the villages of Bricklehampton, Charlton, Cropthorne, Fladbury and Wick.

You can download the latest Annual Report for the local PACT panel here:

PACT Activity Report 2018 – 2019